Getting to know DAVID19

What is DAVID19?
DAVID19 is a platform that works as a digital wallet aggregator. The app is part of an initiative led by the global alliance for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACChain). DAVID19 seeks to collect key information provided by each citizen in the fight against COVID19, privately and anonymously, with the aim of making the virus a visible enemy through the use of risk maps. The informational purpose of the platform in its deployment phase is similar to that of a survey: the more people who answer questions about symptoms or confinement, the smaller the margin of error and the more reliable the information. The goal is to have enough information density in each sector, city, state, country or region to have a more accurate picture of how the virus is progressing. However, the information provided should never be taken as the basis for health or other decisions at the personal or government level, until it has been officially verified by the competent authorities in each country.
What is LACChain?
LACChain is a regional program of the IDB Innovation Lab (IDB Lab) that was born with the purpose of accompanying and accelerating the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean, seeking to maximize the social impact and financial potential that the technology has to offer. In this program, the IDB Lab leads a global alliance with several of the leaders in blockchain technology at the international level.
How does DAVID19 work?
DAVID19 allows any citizen to download a free digital wallet to provide information anonymously regarding COVID19, such as whether or not they are isolated, or whether or not they have symptoms. The personal information remains in the person’s wallet, on their mobile phone, and only some part of the information is publicly displayed on maps and graphs so that it can be acted upon as the virus evolves.
What is a digital wallet?
Digital wallets are mobile applications that use sovereign digital identity protocols and standards, a new concept of digital identity, which allows users to control all their interaction on the Internet, own their data and protect their privacy. In the near future, digital wallets will allow for the storage of identity documents, digital property titles, digital diplomas, electronic money, and any other existing or future digital asset. At LACChain we are part of the growing belief that the future of identity lies in the use of digital wallets and digital sovereignty, and that the most secure and private way to share information is through decentralized registration.
What personal information is shared publicly?
The only personal data that is released from your digital wallet is your age, your gender (optional) and your location (which we make anonymous by reducing the accuracy to an area of one square kilometer near your position). This pseudonymous data does not let us see who provided it, and your real identity is known only to you. There is no database from the wallet provider or from the DAVID19 platform that can track any additional personal data from your wallet, such as your name, ID, or precise location.
How can DAVID19 help me?
DAVID19 allows you to access the world of self-sovereign identity (SSI) where, through a digital wallet (which is a mobile application), you can control all your information and interaction on the Internet in a safe and secure way, guaranteeing your privacy. In the first phase you will be asked to provide some information about your status in relation to COVID-19, to help us make the virus visible.
Who developed DAVID19?
DAVID19 is an initiative led by LACChain, a program of the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab). It was created and coordinated by LACChain with the support from everis, IOVlabs, World Data and Grupo Sabra as technology partners, and LLYC as the social communications partner.
When was the partnership for the development of DAVID19 formed?
The partners started working in March with the goal of protecting people’s privacy, unlike other similar applications. The alliance brings together different organizations and invites others to join in its open project model.
Why was DAVID19 created?
de identidad digital soberana. DAVID19 was created to confront our Goliath, represented by COVID-19. The growing health crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, and even worldwide, requires a solution that is able to collect information and location of each person, while protecting their privacy and anonymity. DAVID19 is that solution, using blockchain technology and sovereign digital identity standards and protocols.
What is blockchain technology?
Blockchain is a technology tool that builds decentralized and immutable records of information. Each device, such as computers, connected to a blockchain network, is synchronized with all others and keeps a synchronized copy of the entire record. The information is recorded in the form of transactions that are grouped into blocks, thus the name blockchain.
What blockchain network is used?
The blockchain network used was developed by the LACChain alliance. This network is the first public-permissioned blockchain network offered in Latin America and the Caribbean at a regional level. The network is offered as a regional public good for any entity to deploy and use in any case that complies with the regulation, and is completely free of charge. The technology used is Hyperledger Besu.
What are the unique features of the platform?
  • It is open, establishing an ecosystem of different digital wallets that can gather information and generate individual credentials for each person about their health status.
  • It is anonymous, guaranteeing privacy and data protection of information through the use of protocols and standards of sovereign digital identity.
  • It is trustworthy, as it registers pseudonymous information publicly on LACChain’s blockchain network.
  • It is inclusive, because it works for everyone equally and its benefits will be transversal both for those who share their data and for those who are not able to do so.


How will DAVID19 make COVID-19 a visible enemy?
The tool will collect key information from each person, securely and anonymously, about symptoms or confinement status in order to have a real-time picture of how the virus is progressing.
What exactly does the app intend to show?
The objective is to build, without revealing personal data, a regional map of how the COVID-19 moves and evolves in real time. The idea is to collect the information provided to understand who has followed isolation measures, who has shown symptoms, and so on.
How reliable is the shared data in DAVID19?
The reliability of the data in DAVID19 depends on the truthfulness of the self-reported data of each person. That said, like a survey, the sum of data in a methodological way results in a mass of information that, as it increases, reduces the margin of error and gives greater reliability to the real-time picture that will be shown in the DAVID19 risk map.

Moving forward, DAVID19 has the functionality to validate this data with the appropriate authorities, also guaranteeing users’ privacy.

Is this data official or validated by the participating entities?

The aggregated data is not official, nor is it validated or supported by any of the participating entities.

What will the aggregate data be used for?

LACChain’s aggregated data should not be the basis for health-related or other decisions by participating authorities or citizens. If, in the future, the data is verified by the appropriate authorities, then decisions can be made on the basis of the data provided.


How does DAVID19 work?
DAVID19 collects completely pseudonymous personal information about each person’s status (whether we are quarantined, have symptoms, have the virus, or have been cured). To do this, DAVID19 has different digital wallets that allow you to provide this information, generating digital credentials with the information provided and rewarding you with points. Data collection and digital wallets enables the generation of risk situation maps in real time, facilitating the participation of citizens in the confinement process.
What kind of credentials are you talking about?
DAVID19 contains self-reported credentials, that is, personal declarations about your status and actions during the pandemic. These credentials are made so everyone can show their declaration, and DAVID19 collects the credential information to generate the map that tracks the virus.
Can DAVID19 cause any health problems?
The app does not offer any advice or behavioural recommendations for users. The daily use of the app is estimated to be very moderate. The tool has an informational purpose and does not lead to behaviors that may cause any health problems.
Why were DAVID19’s digital wallets created?
The digital wallet apps were created so that each person can control all their information and interaction on the Internet in a safe way and with data privacy, one of the first being DAVID19 to face this pandemic.
What are the benefits of the LACChain program network?
LACChain is a regional program of the IDB Lab that was created with the purpose of accompanying and accelerating the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since its launch in August 2019, LACChain’s Hyperledger Besu network has become a unique alternative in the global market because it is free, scalable and compliant.
Who is using the LACChain blockchain network?
The LACChain blockchain network is used by different entities in Latin America and the Caribbean such as the Lima Chamber of Commerce; Peru Compras; the customs offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Peru; OSCE; Everis; Consensys: World Data; Grupo Sabra; Stamping.io; ClimateTrade; Wynnovate; IoBuilders, and many others.
How do DAVID19’s digital wallets work?
These wallets generate a unique identifier for each person, and every time they provide COVID-19 information, it generates a credential that is cryptographically verifiable in real time against the LACChain blockchain network. The person could present these credentials to others. Additionally, the wallet accumulates the points that the user wins by participating in DAVID19.
In what languages will DAVID19 be available?
It will be available in Spanish and English for its deployment phase. Other languages such as French or Portuguese will be added later.
How do I know if the information in DAVID19 is the most accurate and in real time?
DAVID19 will register location of its maps to the application it is integrated with. Depending on the application, it will be possible to trace based on the communication of the devices, either with Bluetooth or QR pairings. In addition, the information uploaded by each person will have an expiration time.
How will DAVID19 identify my location and the COVID-19 situation in my area?
DAVID19 and the partnering digital wallets will use geolocation to recognize each person’s location. DAVID19 then transforms those coordinates into an area accurate to one square kilometer, so your specific location cannot be known exactly, preserving your anonymity. Then, by accumulating data on each development, city, state, and country, it will generate risk maps. Like a survey, the more data you collect, the more reliable the information will be.
What is the difference between DAVID19 and other Google or Apple platforms?

Unlike other applications that centralize and integrate localized information, DAVID19 works with pseudonymous data that is registered in a public blockchain. Additionally, the biggest difference is that DAVID19 provides digital wallets, allowing you to provide your information in a completely anonymous way, thus protecting your identity. It’s a way of dealing with the pandemic like never before.

DAVID19’s social impact

How is DAVID19 information shared in each country?
Users can only access their own information on their mobile device, so it can never be shared without their permission. The anonymous COVID-19 information that citizens share in DAVID19 is open and public, so anyone can access it equally.
Who will have access to the information gathered for DAVID19?
We will all have access through the risk map that are generated, to understand how the virus moves. However, no one will have access to personal information as it is only in your digital wallet, on your phone.
Who is DAVID19 intended for (health workers, community leaders, etc.)?
Anyone can use the information provided by DAVID19.
What impact will DAVID19 have on my social environment?
DAVID19 offers hope for citizens in the region who feel powerless in the midst of the global health crisis. Many are asking what they can do to help in this situation other than wash their hands, distance themselves socially, and donate to ensure the well-being of the most vulnerable. By downloading the app and sharing their information with DAVID19, people can become heroes in the fight to end the pandemic.
Not everyone in Latin America has access to mobile devices, leaving out millions of people who cannot join the tool. How does DAVID19 respond to this challenge?
First, it is important to clarify that the benefits of this tool do not exclude anyone. DAVID19 is here to help us all.

Although in an ideal scenario everyone would be able to download DAVID19, we know this is not the case and have taken it into account. The app works as follows:

  • The advantage of DAVID19 is that it can generate a real-time map with data from millions of people, protecting their privacy. By collecting the data, it produces a mass of information that allows you to see how the virus is moving.
  • By collecting more and more data, statistically the information becomes more reliable and allows conclusions to be drawn about where people have or have not followed confinement measures. This will help conclude with greater certainty, if an area requires more medical supplies or if there is an area where people are obeying confinement instructions.
  • The information can always have margins of error, considering possible connectivity problems.

Be part of DAVID19

How many downloads is the application expected to get?
This is like a survey, so the more the better. The goal is for millions of people to share reliable and accurate information in each of the countries in the region.
Who can use DAVID19?
We can all be DAVID19. Each person will share relevant data to fight the virus throughout the region. We will invite every person in Latin America and the Caribbean to become DAVID19.
Where can DAVID19 be used?
It is targeted for Latin America and the Caribbean, but it can really be used anywhere in the world.
What do I need to install DAVID19 on my device?
A smartphone and internet access.
How do I download the application?

You can download it from an app store (AppleStore or GooglePlay).

How much does it cost to download the application?
There is no cost, it is totally free.
How can I share the news about DAVID19 with my friends?

The DAVID19 platform will offer multiple options for sharing and inviting more heroes.

Where can I find more information about DAVID19?
In the DAVID19 app or in our commsite, which will be available soon.
What happens if I lose my cell phone or access to my wallet?
Since all your personal information is stored exclusively in the digital wallet on your mobile phone, you can lose access to all your information if you have not done a backup. That’s why it’s important that you explore the options each wallet has in order to have your backups.