LACChain is a regional program that aims to accompany and accelerate the development of the blockchain ecosystem for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACChain).

This idea emerged through the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) Laboratory, with the goal of maximizing the potential social impact offered by this type of technology.

We work in collaboration with countries and digital government authorities in the region, as well as global entities specialized in technology (World Data, Everis – NTT Data and IOVILabs) to develop an inclusive, efficient and safe ecosystem.

LACChain is the nucleus that unites the creators of DAVID19.


With DAVID19 your information is 100% secure. Why? Because we have incorporated blockchain technology to guarantee the privacy of our users.

Blockchain is, as its name suggests, a chain of blocks. In this case, a chain of blocks of information. What this technology allows is to send information in an automated and secure way, as it allows collecting and processing information from users without intermediaries having to intervene in the process of data validation and integration.

In addition, this data, which is stored privately, cannot be manipulated or modified by third parties, which guarantees the level of privacy and security that users expect to find when they offer their data.